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CA Bhanwar Borana Direct Tax CA Final (new syllabus)

CA Bhanwar Borana Direct Tax CA Final

CA Bhanwar Borana is a CA by profession and by professor !!! After receiving the honor of being called CA, he opted to spread and share his knowledge with incoming young students who aspire to become CAs as well. He believes that studying with fun is a perfect blend, which aspirants achieve their goals with full accuracy.

CA Bhanwar Borana is currently the visiting faculty of Incito Academy, Corps, and Faculty of WIRC, Mumbai. He has the last 8years of teaching experience in CA IPCC and Direct Taxes and International Taxation. CA Bhanwar Borana always tried to bring out that hidden confidence and developed his abilities and abilities for students to rediscover each new day.

CA BB (Bhanwar Borana) plays many roles very effectively as a mentor, teacher, mentor, motivator, and friend to its students. He is a professor to moves beyond the theoretical reading of the section and solves the problems practiced in the classroom by asking students to relax during examinations. He is the author of India’s first handwritten DT book “COMPACT” and other books on taxation.

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