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CA Swapnil Patni:- Corporate & Economic Law and CA Final Law

CA Swapnil Patni CA Final Law CLasses

CA Swapnil Patni is work and accomplishments conversing powerfully for themselves. Several students have credited their success to the teachings of CA Swapnil Patni.

CA Swapnil Patni is always an approachable teacher to all the students and follows the ideal instruction method to make sure his lessons are learned and appreciated. With the positive, appeared in over 160 cities of India, CA Swapnil Patni is a favored professor for subjects such as Economic & Corporate Law and Final Law. Having achieved his CA, CS, LLB, and CISA, he is confirmed to be a popular teacher across the country.

Students applying to different parts of India have made the best of his virtual as well as live classes. CA Swapnil Patni has mentored 130 AIR including, AIR 1. He holds a pleasant experience of teaching law and ISCA for over 6years.

At SmartNStudy, CA Swapnil Patni teaches the following subjects:- CA Final (Law), CA Final Corporate & ECO Law.

Click here for the new syllabus of CA Final Classes:-

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