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CA Ravi Taori CA Inter and CA Final Audit Class (new syllabus)

CA Ravi Taori CA Inter and Final Audit Class (new syllabus)

CA Ravi Taori has 11 years of experience in teaching and has written his articles with PwC and Standard Chartered Mutual Fund Industrial Training, which gives him considerable knowledge to teach audit subjects. He has been a rank holder in the PE-II examination. And CA Ravi Taori has tasted failure in a group in the finals. Therefore he has both experiences. He has taught face to face students from Delhi / Chandigarh / Jaipur / Kolkata / Kanpur, and many more cities. His students are present all over India through video lectures. So he knows how students from all fields work and study. At SmartNStudy, Ravi Taori teach CA Inter and CA Final Audit. 

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CA Ravi Sonkhiya CA Inter & CA Final Classes (new syllabus)

CA Ravi Sonkhiya CA Inter and CA Final Classes (new syllbus)

CA Ravi Sonkhiya is a CA by profession and is also a fellow member of ICAI. He is a nationwide known faculty and is one of the preferred faculty among students for accounting, cost accounting, and financial management. CA Ravi Sonkhiya has taught and counted over 70000 students so far in his career. He knows full well how to engage students and make them understand the concepts.

He set a record that 70% of his students are exempted from their subjects because their teaching style is unique. At SmartNStudy, CA Ravi Sonkhiya teach CA Inter and CA Final students Advanced Management Accounting, Strategic Cost Management, Cost, and Financial Management.

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CA R.K. Mehta by CA Inter Cost, FM&ECO (new syllabus)

CA R.K. Mehta did B.Com (Hons.) From SRCC in 1992. He was a position holder. He qualified in Chartered Accountancy in 1996. He has vast experience in Teaching Cost & FM for CA / CS / CWA / B.Com Students for the last 25 years.

His Conceptual Teaching Teaching Cost and FM and Motivational Lecturers are very famous among the students. That’s why The Credit made CA R.K. Mehta for delivering a large number of COST and FM toppers to India.

He is teaching about 7000 students in “face to face” classes every year and 10,000 students in satellite classes every year. At SmartNStudy, CA R.K. Mehta teach CA Inter class Cost, FM & Eco.

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CA Dipak Gupta IDT (GST+Custom) Class (new syllabus)

CA Dippak Gupta IDT (GST+Custom)

CA Dipak Gupta has experienced teaching IDT for more than 15 years, and also he is one of the most trusted Faculty in the CA Industry for the IDT(GST+Custom). Hence, he is the choice of thousands of students every year for the classes of IDT (GST+Custom).

CA Final Indirect Tax Full Course By Dippak Gupta Lectures With Books Hard copy (color) (GST Vol-1, GST Vol-2, Exemption, Customs, and FTP)(Old/New syllabus) are available on SmartNStudy, and also other best faculties for every subject is available for the CA Inter and CA Final Students.

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CA Darshan Chandaliya CA Inter & CA Final Costing (new syllabus)

CA Darshan Chandaliya CA Inter & CA Final Cost (new syllabus)

CA Darshan Chandaliya is well-known for his vast learning experience and techniques. He is famous among the students for his quick recommendations, which is probably, and what he loves most among the students. CA Darshan Chandaliya has dedicated energy to serve CA students and help them understand the subject from their core level. He believes that CA is not just a course, but it is only for those who love this study and become full of passion to complete it and then achieve the target.

CA Darshan Chandaliya greatly simplifies complex concepts that help students develop a knowledge base for their professional future as well as participate in high scores. CA Darshan Chandaliya is the best and most preferred faculty when it comes to CA Final. He is a highly respected faculty in business and has served over 10000 satisfied students. At SmartNStudy, CA Darshan Chandaliya teach the students CA Inter & CA Final Costing.

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CA Praveen Khatod CA Inter Cost & FM-Eco, and CA Final AMA, SFM, & SCM-PE (new syllabus)

CA Praveen Khatod Cost, SFM, SCM-PE, & AMA CA Inter & CA Final

CA Praveen Khatod is not only a Chartered Accountant, but he is also a Certified Public Accountant & Chartered Financial Analyst from the CFA Institute of Charlottesville, Virginia, US. His learning makes him the most qualified faculty in Indore. His list of professional achievements is endless. He is the first candidate from Madhya Pradesh who was approved all the 3levels of CFA in the year 2008.

He is the only professor with international exposure to understand concepts such as derivatives trading, fundamental and technical analysis of stock markets, portfolio management, etc. Praveen Khatod has 5years of experience worldwide. It is logical and presents examples that help students understand a subject in depth. All his teachings deserve the credit they deserve.

CA Praveen Khatod has been in many students’ good books, helping them reach their potential and score highest. He has been the first choice of students for various subjects in CA-Final, CA-IPCC, MBA, and CFA courses.

At SmartNStudy, CA Praveen Khatod teaches CA Inter Cost, CA Inter FM-Eco, CA Final (AMA), CA Final (SFM), and CA Final [Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation (SCM and PE)].

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CA Sankalp Kanstiya Cost CA Inter, and AMA, SCM-PE CA Final (new syllabus)

CA Sankalp Kanstiya Cost, SCM-PE, & AMA classes

A chartered accountant and company secretary, CA Sankalp Kanstiya, offers significant expertise in the top subjects. Cost (CA Inter), Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation (SCM-PE), and Advanced Management Accounting (AMA) CA Final (New Syllabus) are their departments of practice and teaching. His professional and personal achievements make him one of the best professors in India. After graduating from NarseeMonjee College, he followed his professional choice, practicing skills such as number crunching, decision making, writing, mentoring, and teaching. He comes with 4years of experience in the asset management and financial due diligence team as Anal Senior Financial Analyst ‘. CA Resolution is also the author of several books on CA Final Costing and SCM-PE.

CA Sankalp Kanastia’s teaching and directing have always been close to his heart, therefore trained professionally and worked with a financial advisor in Mumbai. It has been 8years now, and CA Sankalp Kanastia teaches and advises many students across the country. He has educated the students and has contributed significantly to increasing their knowledge and proficiency.

At SmartNStudy, CA Sankalp Kanstiya teaches CA Inter (Cost), CA Final SCM-PE (New Syllabus), CA Final Advanced Management Accounting of all courses available like regular courses and fast track courses.

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CA Bhanwar Borana Direct Tax CA Final (new syllabus)

CA Bhanwar Borana Direct Tax CA Final

CA Bhanwar Borana is a CA by profession and by professor !!! After receiving the honor of being called CA, he opted to spread and share his knowledge with incoming young students who aspire to become CAs as well. He believes that studying with fun is a perfect blend, which aspirants achieve their goals with full accuracy.

CA Bhanwar Borana is currently the visiting faculty of Incito Academy, Corps, and Faculty of WIRC, Mumbai. He has the last 8years of teaching experience in CA IPCC and Direct Taxes and International Taxation. CA Bhanwar Borana always tried to bring out that hidden confidence and developed his abilities and abilities for students to rediscover each new day.

CA BB (Bhanwar Borana) plays many roles very effectively as a mentor, teacher, mentor, motivator, and friend to its students. He is a professor to moves beyond the theoretical reading of the section and solves the problems practiced in the classroom by asking students to relax during examinations. He is the author of India’s first handwritten DT book “COMPACT” and other books on taxation.

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CA Nagendra Sah CA Inter FM & CA Final SFM (new syllabus)

CA Nagendra Sah FM & SFM CA Inter & CA Final

CA Nagendra Sah is India’s best teacher and the most trusted faculty when it comes to Financial Management & Strategic Financial Management. He particularly believes that there is an immediate need to create a career relief for the students in financial management and planning. Most of the students in Delhi mostly prefer CA Nagendra Sah lectures for SFM. Under his guidance, he has curated many rank holders and has made them a successful CA.

CA Nagendra Sah completely believes that it is not just a matter of completing a degree, but students require to understand its ultimate value and should be able to utilize it in real life. Recently, one of his students has been awarded the “Late Colonel AmbujNath Bose Memorial Prize” for getting the highest records in SFM below his guidance. For the CA Nagendra Sah, it is a great achievement because they teach a student and be a higher scorer.

At SmartNStudy, CA Nagendra Sah teaches CA Inter Financial Management & CA Final students Strategic Financial Management. All the latest classes are available.

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