CA Inter Advanced Accounting and Audit Combo Regular Batch New Syllabus by CA Sarthak Jain

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Contents Advanced Accounting – Total 4 Books. Volume 1 – Striker – Question Bank and Practice Book. Volume 2 AS Stiker – Question Bank and Practise Book. Volume 3 – Drone Charts for AS Question Bank covers all Study Material, Past Exam Questions, RTP, and additional questions (Total 500+ Questions Covered with Answers) | Auditing and Assurance – Total 4 Coloured Books. Volume 1 – Auditing and Assurance, Volume 2 – Standards on Auditing (With 2 Layers, Layer 1 – Helicopter Charts, Layer 2 – Detailed Not
Lecture Duration Advanced Accounting – 120 to 140 Hours | Auditing and Assurance – 112+ Hours
Validity Period 8 Months
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Recording Of Advanced Accounting – Batch Started in November 2019. | Auditing and Assurance – Lectures of Face2Face Batch. Updated for all amendments in Dec 2019.
Mode Pen Drive or Google Drive Link
Runs On Only Laptop
System Requirement You can view videos only on laptop having Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8, 8.1, 10.
Video Language Hindi & English
Study Material Language English
Applicable Exam  Nov 2020, May 2021.
Applicable Course CA Inter New Syllabus
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Processing Time Advanced Accounting – 45 Hours of Lectures are ready for despatch covering 35% of syllabus. Remaining Lectures to be despatched in 2 equal lots by mid of Feb and March 2020.