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CA Yashvant Mangal Indirect Tax (IDT) CA Final (new syllabus)

CA Yashvant Mangal IDT CA Final (new syllabus)

CA Yashvant Mangal is a popular name amongst the masses and a student favorite. And well all of this is associated with his accolades, and the list is quite long – Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, author of ‘Conceptual learning of Indirect Tax Laws, and a great teacher.

CA Yashvant Mangal has been a part of many performances and never leaves to delight us with his reach of the profession. Yashvant Mangal classes are famous universally. The reason behind this is blank but his deep enthusiasm for the subject. He has labeled it at many public forums in the past. His thorough experience of concepts and theories makes him one of the chosen faculties for Indirect Tax Laws.

His creative ideas and techniques have helped students understand even the toughest of problems. All over the country, students have guaranteed for his classes and education. If you are here looking for CA Yashvant Mangal’s IDT (Indirect Tax) Pendrive classes then you have to reach the right spot at the right moment. So join now for buying the latest class of CA, CS, & CMS at a reasonable price and also the lowest price guaranteed.

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CA Mayank Kothari Economics CA Inter (New Syllabus)

CA Mayank Khotari Economics CA Inter(new syllabus)

CA Mayank Kothari teaches CA Inter Economics. And CA Mayank Khotrai is an associate member of ICAI. CA Mayank Kothari was awarded the best student award by the vice-chancellor of Nagpur University, wherever he has completed his graduation (BBA) in 2010, and became a qualified CA in 2012.

He is always recognized as a dedicated teacher who is engaged in his student’s success. His students honor him for going the extra mile to make sure all the student’s doubts are clear every time.

At SmartNStudy, Mayank Kothari teaches CA Inter Students ECONOMICS. All the classes are available for the CA Inter & CA Final students with the best faculties on at very reasonable prices.

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CA Gaurav Jainn FSCM, SFM, RM, FM, & ECO

CA Gaurav Jainn SFM, FSCM, RM, FM,& ECO

Gaurav Jainn has accomplished his Charted Accountancy in 2006 and has experienced more than 10years in Trading Activity, Market analysis (Fundamental and Technical), and trading strategies Formulation in Commodities, Currencies, and Equity Derivatives. His committed areas were Hedging activities exposed to numerous derivatives such as Futures and Options, Swaps (Calendars). CA Gaurav Jainn has exposure to training programs about Financial Markets.

His teaching career began 7years back with a combination of practical exposure is which helps the students in understanding the concepts in an exceptionally lucid and quick manner, as well as his successful thought of covering 100% of course in 60 classes makes him popular among the CA Students.

In such a small duration, Gaurav Jainn has developed confidence in the students for retaining concepts for a long time through the live session provided during the lecture and the diagrammatic presentations given in the class for a better and long understanding.

At SmartNStudy, CA Gaurav Jainn teaches Capital Market (FSCM), Risk Management (RM), Strategic Financial Management (SFM), & FM & ECO to CA Final Students and the latest classes are also available.

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CA Harshad Jaju:- Economics, Audit & Assurance, and Professional Ethics

CA Harshad Jaju Professional Ethics & Economic, and Audit

CA Harshad Jaju’s hard work and skills have properly won him the title of ‘Master of theory’ subjects. CA Harshad Jaju is recognized as a kind and student-friendly professor. CA Harshad Jaju is one of the youngest Chartered Accountants in the CA Industry. He experienced practical training with medium and large size of CA firms to build skills and process experiences from the real world.

CA Harshad Jaju is always first chosen for every student being approachable and using the best graphs and mind-mapping procedures. All of his theories are linked with the best ever examples to ensure students deeply understand any the subjects and also it’s working in the practical world. CA Harshad Jaju has mentored students all over India. He teaches the students for, CPT, IPCC & Final level.

At SmartNStudy, CA Harshad Jaju teaches the CA Inter & Final Students Advanced Audit, Economic, Assurance, & Professional Ethics.

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CA Ankita Patni:- Law

CA Ankita Patni Law

CA Ankita Patni is the best example for the students. CA Ankita Patni has been established and made herself stand in the CA industry with her knowledge and experience of the more than 5years. And she said, CA is not just about the age and experience, but it is all about skill and passion. CA Ankita Patni always excites the students and guides them towards a flourishing CA journey.

CA classes are not just about CA, but much more than what we believe. She is the most favorite faculty between the students when it comes to students. And The students can also connect with CA Ankita Patni because she understands how to handle the young spirits and make them understand concepts with too much patience.

CA Ankita Patni teaches CA Foundation and CA Final Corporate Law and the Law Classes. And the always said CA Anikta Patni is the best faculty for the Corporate Law and Law for the students of CA foundation and CA Final.

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CA Swapnil Patni:- Corporate & Economic Law and CA Final Law

CA Swapnil Patni CA Final Law CLasses

CA Swapnil Patni is work and accomplishments conversing powerfully for themselves. Several students have credited their success to the teachings of CA Swapnil Patni.

CA Swapnil Patni is always an approachable teacher to all the students and follows the ideal instruction method to make sure his lessons are learned and appreciated. With the positive, appeared in over 160 cities of India, CA Swapnil Patni is a favored professor for subjects such as Economic & Corporate Law and Final Law. Having achieved his CA, CS, LLB, and CISA, he is confirmed to be a popular teacher across the country.

Students applying to different parts of India have made the best of his virtual as well as live classes. CA Swapnil Patni has mentored 130 AIR including, AIR 1. He holds a pleasant experience of teaching law and ISCA for over 6years.

At SmartNStudy, CA Swapnil Patni teaches the following subjects:- CA Final (Law), CA Final Corporate & ECO Law.

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CA Amit Popli:- Corporate & Economic Law

CA Amit Popli Law

CA Amit Popli is known as an experienced Chartered Accountant. And also India’s best faculty for the CA Final Law. CA Amit Popli is a liquidation specialist apart from which he also teaches CA Final Law at multiple levels. CA Amit Popli is known as the most trusted teacher because he occupies a wide range of experience in teaching CA students all over India.

CA Amit Popli is also appreciated by the Certificate of Appreciation from ICAI for teaching CA Final LAW at various levels. Currently, he is associated with a company that is presenting online education and also giving Pendrive and google drive classes at a reasonable price for the CA students, and which runs in almost 150 locations in India.

At SmartNStudy, the CA Amit Popli teaches the CA Final Corporate & Economic Law.

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CA Pankaj Garg:- Audit & Law

CA Pankaj Garg:- Audit & Law

CA Pankaj Garg is a famous teacher, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, and Cost Accountant in a city. The list of his accomplishments is endless. CA Pankaj Gupta is an all over India topper of the ICAI exams and has been awarded a gold medal by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Kolkata.

He teaches learners for an Audit, Law, and Taxation for both Intermediate and Final levels. As an educator, he considers in making improved content of every concept available to students. Apart from the CA Pankaj Garg audit Pen-drive classes and CA Pankaj Garg audit publications have also been a vast tool to help students with complexities in the audit.

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CA Manoj Batra:- Indirect Tax (IDT)

CA Manoj Batra:- IDT(GST+Custom)

CA Manoj Batra is one of the effective chartered accountants who are renowned for the CA FINAL DIRECT TAX (IDT). CA Manoj Batra regularly affirms that students should be taught different prerequisites of the law through practical illustration. Which helps them to take it faster and easy.

CA Manoj Batra is known as amidst the followers due to his different instruction style. And he also uses high technology in his class and which engages students well.

For the new syllabus classes of CA Final IDT Classes by CA Manoj Batra and combo classes also available of the new syllabus:- Follow this link for new classes.