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CA Gaurav Jainn FSCM, SFM, RM, FM, & ECO

CA Gaurav Jainn SFM, FSCM, RM, FM,& ECO

Gaurav Jainn has accomplished his Charted Accountancy in 2006 and has experienced more than 10years in Trading Activity, Market analysis (Fundamental and Technical), and trading strategies Formulation in Commodities, Currencies, and Equity Derivatives. His committed areas were Hedging activities exposed to numerous derivatives such as Futures and Options, Swaps (Calendars). CA Gaurav Jainn has exposure to training programs about Financial Markets.

His teaching career began 7years back with a combination of practical exposure is which helps the students in understanding the concepts in an exceptionally lucid and quick manner, as well as his successful thought of covering 100% of course in 60 classes makes him popular among the CA Students.

In such a small duration, Gaurav Jainn has developed confidence in the students for retaining concepts for a long time through the live session provided during the lecture and the diagrammatic presentations given in the class for a better and long understanding.

At SmartNStudy, CA Gaurav Jainn teaches Capital Market (FSCM), Risk Management (RM), Strategic Financial Management (SFM), & FM & ECO to CA Final Students and the latest classes are also available.

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